Kristin Olsen, owner/director

Bikram Yoga Teacher Certification (500 hours), Graduated Spring 2001
Re-certification, USA Yoga Judges training & Advanced Seminars:
Los Angeles (2003, 2004), Hawaii (2005), Las Vegas (2006), Acapulco (2008),
Palm Desert (2009), Barcelona (2010), Malta (2011), Croatia (2012)

Inferno Hot Pilates Training:
Las Vegas (Summer 2015),  Memphis (Spring 2016)

Raja Yoga Academy - Faculty position, therapeutic core 26 hot yoga training:
Gold Coast, Australia (Spring 2016)


Owner/Director, Kristin Lowenberg Olsen received her Bachelor of Science in Speech Communication from the University of Nebraska.  Prior to the birth of her son in 1989, she worked for Jenny Craig international as senior sales trainer for both the Chicago and Atlanta markets.

Kristin began teaching cardio fitness and dance in Nebraska as a college student.  Once a full time mom, she continued to teach as an AFAA certified cardio instructor, in Atlanta, and Chicago. It was the Bikram method however, that finally gave Kristin a way to share a therapeutic/cardio endeavor, for anyone, at any fitness level. 

Kristin graduated from the Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in June 2001.   Kristin was honored to be one of 12 students, hand picked by Bikram Choudhury from the hundreds of students in her graduating class, to demonstrate at her commencement ceremony.  “It was an honor for me to have Bikram’s blessing of presentation and technique.  Bikram Choudhury and Craig Villani’s daily tutelage inspired me physically.  The healing body affects the mental and spiritual self.   The gift of positive discipline, and body conditioning continues to be an honor to share.”

In December 2001 Kristin formed Hot Spot Yoga LLC.   "I enjoyed taking yoga classes of all kinds, but ultimately got the results I needed from the Pure Bikram 90 series, so that is what I decided to share and keep sharing with my community."   "Maintaining a personal long-term practice, and getting back to the source of my training every year, has been a very important part of my personal growth as an instructor."  Incorporating two additional therapeutic cross training options for myself and my students has been an added blessing for the studio.” 

Kristin has had the honor to teach thousands of students in the Louisville area, and guest teach and practice at wonderful Bikram Yoga Studios in the US and Europe.    

The loves of her life…her children, Jon 28, Whitney 26 and Katelyn 22, continue to give her much support and joy along the way.   “A highlight of 2017, was when my youngest daughter joined our Inferno Hot Pilates team. Of course, having any one of my children in class and embracing the practice and fitness options we offer, makes me really happy. “  

“Sharing the love, with the people and community we love, is what Hot Spot Yoga is all about.”

KRISTY MERCKER, Senior Teacher

Bikram Yoga Teacher Certification (500 hours)
Graduated 2002, Recertified 2006

Kristy took her first yoga class 18 years ago and has been an avid practitioner ever since. She was instantly drawn into the awesome, therapeutic work-out and the blissful state yoga produces. She then became passionate about sharing this with others. In 2002, Kristy completed the 9 week, 500 hour yoga certification course with Bikram Choudhury in Los Angeles. In 2006, she was recertified by Bikram and has been back to international headquarters on several occasions to study further and take the advanced classes with Emmy Cleave and Rajashree Choudhury. Kristy teaches yoga from the heart. She has worked with a wide array of students, ranging from professional athletes to brand new students. She believes yoga is for everybody; young, old, flexible, inflexible. Yoga is a gift that keeps on giving and it’s never too late to begin! Kristy is also a ballroom dance and country western dance competitor. She currently competes with her partner Spencer Cottrell at various competitions around the USA. Their most recent accomplishment in finishing 3rd place at the 2015 UCWDC World Championships in the Newcomer Division. Prior to ballroom, Kristy was a professional flamenco dancer. She credits her yoga practice with allowing her to enjoy a long, healthy dance career.

Kristin swan, ihp instructor and mentoring bikram Teacher

Inferno Hot Pilates Training - July 2017 - Hot Spot Yoga, Louisville

After 11 years of a regular and strong practice at our studio, Kristin inspires participants to achieve their goals in IHP classes and has been working with senior teachers at BYL to share Pure Bikram classes with the Louisville community. Kristin’s interest in running and aerobics influenced her college studies where she received her Bachelor of Science from Valparaiso University in Physical Education and Exercise Physiology. After college she received her ACE (American Council on Exercise) certification and taught a variety of exercise classes including hi/low impact aerobics, step aerobics, and aqua aerobic classes. Working in Corporate Fitness and Wellness programming in Chicago for several years she was able to influence many in the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Then after running the Chicago Marathon in the fall of 1997 she moved to Louisville and ran the Mini-marathon in the spring of 1998. Years later after moving to Crestwood she attended her first Bikram Yoga class in 2006 and instantly fell in love with the challenge of the practice. She has been practicing at BYL regularly ever since and enjoys the numerous positive effects that a regular practice has had in her life. In 2016 she started attending IHP and sees the benefits of cross training HP with her Bikram practice.  Kristin truly believes that as you age you "use it or lose it" when it comes to both the health of your body and your mind. The Bikram Yoga series and IHP, combined with the heat, provides a complete workout both physically and mentally. Working physically on cardiovascular strength, muscle strength, balance, and flexibility, while simultaneously working on mental focus and maintaining calm controlled breathing allows her time to really center on herself. She knows that this time set aside for herself then benefits her family and those around her everyday when she can share her best with them.


Kim meyer, bikram Teacher

Raja Yoga Academy Certification (500 hours)
Graduated Spring 2017
I began practicing yoga in 2005 as cross training for running and cycling and was hooked! I could immediately feel the difference! Then as I continued I noticed the wear and tear running was having on my body. I was diagnosed with "Runner's Knee" in my left in 2010 and went through 4 months of physical therapy to strengthen my knee-only to break my right foot in 2011. This took longer to recover from and once i eventually got back to the mat I credit "awkward" pose with the recovery of the tendons in my foot and ankle. I wanted to learn more about this therapeutic method and help others so I attended Raja Yoga Academy in the spring of 2017, training with Craig Villani who was Bikram's director of training for many years. I came home and taught my first class five days after graduating! I love it! Our staff and students are SO inspiring!
I have lived in Crestwood since 1996 and have also been married to the most supportive man since 1996 who has also been practicing the yoga for many years. We have two wonderful sons and I credit this yoga for making me a better mother. Patience is key while practicing.


mary ann arnett, bikram teacher

May of 2019 marked Mary Ann’s 19th year as a teacher in the Louisville community with over 31 years of experience in the fitness field. She taught aerobics years ago and found yoga through a Raquel Welch home tape. It was love at first sight. She immediately started incorporating yoga in a semi-heated room, and the rest is history. Mary Ann loves the practices so much, she wishes for a super power that would allow her to move a myriad of personalities, shapes and sizes of people to help them all fall in love with hot yoga. If that’s a super power, then Mary Ann is our resident Wonder Woman. After all these years and her hundreds of hours of training, her roots stay true to Bikram Yoga because of the changes she’s witnessed in people almost immediately with regular practice. And in 19 years, she’s had a lot of students, witnessed a lot of transformations, and inspired many of those students to become teachers. Her smile is infectious. Her spirit is striking. And her voice has the ability to command a room with a combination of wisdom and humility.


cristy larviere, vinyasa teacher

200-hour Certification 2013 - Empower Yoga, Appleton, WI

Cristy began practicing yoga regularly in 2005 after the birth of her second child. She was searching for a low-impact form of exercise that produced results for her body. With yoga, she found that and much more. For her, yoga is time on her mat to just be. Be present, be absorbed, and be focused. Cristy believes anybody and any “body” can find a style of yoga that nurtures their mind, body and spirit. After spending several years building her personal practice, Cristy decided to share her love of yoga with others. In 2009, she completed teacher trainings and soon began leading regular classes in Hatha, Vinyasa, and Chair/Gentle yoga. She received her 200 hour certification in 2013 from Empower Yoga in Appleton, Wisconsin and is registered with Yoga Alliance. She took her first Bikram yoga class at BYL in March 2017, and continues to enjoy the challenge and therapeutic benefits it provides. Cristy is excited to be a part of the community at BYL, teaching Power Vinyasa yoga and continuing her own yoga journey.

Kristie Fithian, ihp instructor

Inferno Hot Pilates Training - April 2017 - Bikram Yoga, Toledo

I began my yoga journey in 2009. It has become a huge part of my life. It has helped me grow stronger, both on and off my mat. It has taught me so many things about myself and how to become a better person inside and outside of the yoga room.

Inferno Hot Pilates was introduced to me summer of 2016. I found that the cross train of the Pilates and yoga made me feel "complete" physically. I wanted to share that feeling with others. I attended my Inferno Hot Pilates training in April of 2017.

In my classes, I love to combine creative sequencing, the spirit of playfulness and a dose of inspiration while guiding students through their journey. My hope is that they step off their mat feeling awesome and sweaty from an incredible workout.



Travis arkon, ihp instructor

Inferno Hot Pilates Training - July 2017 - Hot Spot Yoga, Louisville

Travis works in the corporate world as a Recruiting Manager for an IT Staffing and Consulting firm, but her passion is teaching Inferno Hot Pilates. Travis has always been active and spent most of her teenage years and adult life running. She has completed 5 marathons and many half marathons. While training for her last marathon in 2014 she was also taking Bikram Yoga classes at Bikram Yoga Louisville. She found incorporating Bikram Yoga into her running made her faster and greatly reduced her recovery time. Since 2014 Travis has been a regular at Bikram Yoga Louisville (with occasional runs) and immediately fell in love with Inferno Hot Pilates. When the opportunity to train as an instructor was discussed, Travis signed up immediately! Travis is now a regular on the calendar teaching Inferno Hot Pilates. She loves guiding students through the high intensity, low impact, fun workout and gets great satisfaction hearing that students love her class and appreciate her instruction. Maybe one day Travis will make it to Bikram training as well…


Celeste Whitmer head shot.jpg

celeste whitmer, ihp instructor

Inferno Hot Pilates Training - July 2017 - Hot Spot Yoga, Louisville

Celeste has been coming to BYL since October 2011. “At the time, my husband had taken a Bikram Yoga class, so I decided to give it a try, and was immediately hooked. Growing up, I had always been involved in various sports (swimming, volleyball, basketball). Beyond school, I became involved in aerobic exercise, running, as well as golf and tennis, so I’ve always enjoyed working out and staying fit. I started taking IHP classes since they were introduced in 2015 and I feel better than I ever have. IHPilates helps build long, lean muscle, so it’s a perfect supplement to any fitness regimen, or is just fine on its own. “ Celeste holds a BS in Accounting and an MBA from Bellarmine University. “I’ve enjoyed getting to know some of the finest staff at BYL in Crestwood and consider it an honor to be a part time IHP instructor. I enjoy being able to share my love for IHP with others and want others to experience the same results I’ve achieved over time.”

katie head shot.jpg

katelyn olsen, ihp instructor

Inferno Hot Pilates Training - July 2017 - Hot Spot Yoga, Louisville

Katie was introduced to Bikram Yoga as a 7-year-old when her Mom decided to open Hot Spot Yoga. Though she didn’t particularly love the hot room, when her Mom would convince her to take class she did one set of each posture, sat a lot, and barely sweat. Over the years she spent a lot of time at the studio and gradually started to take class more and more often, falling in love with her practice. When her Mom introduced Inferno Hot Pilates at the Hot Spot, Katie was immediately excited by the fast-paced class, high energy music, and amazing results. She attended the Inferno Hot Pilates teacher training in July of 2017 with founder Gabi Walters. She hopes to continue her yoga journey and has loved supplementing her practice with Inferno Hot Pilates. Both practices act as therapy and expression for Katie and she loves to share that energy with the studio that has become a second home for her.