Hot Spot's flagship, 90 minute discipline, designed FOR BEGINNERS to enhance discipline, cardio, core, sculpting, fat burn, focus and balance.

The Authentic and original 90 minute Bikram class designed for beginners. Traditional Bikram/Ghosh theory of practice, with 26 postures, includin two breathing exercises.

The Bikram Yoga series was choreographed under the guidance of Bishnu Ghosh (Bikram Choudhury's Guru) to rehabilitate Bikram's crushed knee from a 400 lb weight, during a weightlifting session as a young adult.

herapeutically equalizing the strength and flexibility on both sides of the body.  The most therapeutic, core strengthening, fat burn, detox busting class we offer.

This class definitely prepares you to experience our one hour ExpressO and Guided classes with confidence and true capacity. Heat at 105 degrees with a 4 degree variable for changing seasons and class size and a humidity start point at 40%. Always a challenge, always a therapeutic detox...bones to skin.