what to do

Come to class fully hydrated. You will need to drink 64 oz of water the day before your class and on a regular basis when practicing consistently.  It's a healthy habit to keep no matter what! 

You will need an additional 24 oz + electrolytes on the days you participate in class. We suggest drinking 8 oz every hour the day of, prior to your first class, as well as the 64 oz the day before. 

Do not eat a heavy meal before your first class, but make sure you eat a good meal!! Fuel the machine, but at least 4 hours before your class.


what to wear

Please dress lightly and be prepared to sweat... a lot! The room is computerized for 102-108 degrees, and 40-60% humidity based on current outside weather.  

Swimsuits, bike shorts, running shorts with liners, sports bras, tank tops, t-shirts—you want to dress to sweat ...period.

Also, a smiling, happy face will get you through every class... don't forget it!


what to bring

Bring one 16-32 oz container of water. (no GLASS containers) It is important that you do not drink lots of water during class, as it will get in the way of your practice. 

First time students get a yoga mat and towel for their first class. After that, you will want one beach towel and a thin yoga mat. Towel service ($2/towel) and mat rentals ($3/mat) are available. We also have great hot yoga mats and towels for purchase.

We have samples of Ultima, an all natural, stevia sweetened hydration drink, in lots of awesome flavors, and purified water, each available for your class for $1.00.