Just in case you ever have a day that you feel like what you are doing is not important, read this e-mail and know that the first class and every class since has totally changed my perspective on health and wellness, both physical and mental. Just one class can make a difference in someone’s life!
— Terri Haysley, Hot Spot Student

I love this studio! I love the owner! They teach quality Inferno Hot Pilates classes. And of course Bikram yoga. Super clean, easy parking. And their instructors are super friendly!
— Gabriella Walters, Inferno Hot Pilates Founder

I have been practicing here for almost 12 years. The teachers are so motivating that I have decided to teach myself with owner Kristin Olsen as my mentor. Best workout for body, mind and soul!
— Kim Meyer, Hot Spot student turned teacher

Love HOT yoga and Bikram staff. I am adding strength and mobility everyday!!!
— Kathy Reynolds, Hot Spot Student

Top drawer instructors . My keystone practice to keep me fit and flexible for rock climbing, whitewater kayaking, skiing, and parenting!
— Todd Schindler, Hot Spot Student

Best and only true Bikram yoga studio in Louisville and the surrounding area!!
— Sue Dearmond, Hot Spot Student

I’ve practiced at BIkram Yoga Louisville since Christmas, 2002. Kristin Olsen, the owner, is extraordinary, and leads with a great example of kindness, joy, hard work, and love for what she does and everyone who walks in the door. Love the new Inferno Pilates classes—such a great butt-kicker, and really good for taking your practice to the next level. So grateful for this wonderful studio.
— Allyson Meacham, KY Regional Yoga Asana Champion (04-05)

I found myself that first day and ever since, working muscles and joints that hadn’t been exercised in years; maybe never before! I was challenging my body in ways that running, sit-ups, and weights had never accomplished. It was the first total body workout I’d ever done and, somehow, I got through it! I’ve since learned Bikram Yoga is designed to work every muscle in our bodies - does it ever! It was and remains challenging - like any good exercise program.

The beauty of Bikram Yoga is that it lets you progress at your own pace along with the teachers guiding you through each class. It is truly like having a personal trainer encouraging and guiding you through a ninety minute workout.
— Chuck Sharpensteen, Hot Spot Student