Kristin is one of the best Bikram Yoga teachers in the country and Hot Spot Yoga is a great place to do the yoga. I have been to many studios around the globe and hers is one of the best.
— Jeffrey Greenberg, student
Kristin runs an impeccable Bikram Yoga Studio. She takes good care of her students and her teachers, providing them with 100% pure Bikram Yoga. If you are a teacher looking for a mentor she is extremely insightful, if you are a student in Lousiville or the surrounding area looking for Bikram yoga this should be your place.
— Chelsea Young, Bikram/Buti Teacher
I have the opportunity to travel for business and pleasure quite often. Wherever I go, whenever possible, I try to visit a Bikram Yoga Studio. Even though I enjoy learning from different instructors I always come away comparing them to Kristin. Her knowledge, enthusiasm, and skill are second to none. I have recommended Hot Spot Yoga to many friends and colleagues and am never disappointed.
— Staci O’Sullivan, student
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Kristin Olsen is one of the best Bikram yoga instructors I have encountered in my 3-year practice. I have had the opportunity to travel and visit many Bikram schools, and her school and instruction stand out as one of the best. Her many years of experience enable her to provide a high level of detailed instruction. Her unswerving dedication to excellence ensures a growth opportunity with every class.
— Paul Valentine, student
I have visited many studios, and Kristin and her team teach the true Bikram method better than any, emphasizing form and technique at all phases so that the student achieves the most out of each session. Moreover, Kristin is a true professional who is dedicated to her craft and the well-being of her clients/students.
— Scott Reed, student
I have had the pleasure of practicing Bikram Yoga for over three years under yoga master Kristen Olsen. She has changed the lives of me and my wife and many others. This practice will change your life for the better. Kristen is the master.
— Joseph wise, student